myatt-baby-head2David Myatt and An X-Ray of One of David Copeland’s Nails, Embedded in a Baby’s Skull


Blog exposing violent nazi’s cowardly attacks on disabled woman, is hacked and censored by identity thief.

See ‘Hacker Terrified Of Exposure’ page.

“Myatt is an ethereal character who has used numerous aliases to post messages on extremist websites.”

(Quote from Gerry Gable of Searchlight magazine)

in my hovel and broken down home with the BNP on the threshold, cowards that they are – they just like picking on women! ”

(Quote from a disabled woman attacked by Anton Long)

David Myatt & Anton Long – A Brief Overview

David Myatt and the Satanist Anton Long, are often discussed together in various articles on the internet. David Myatt is an ex-member of Combat 18 who now claims to be a Muslim ( Abdul Aziz ibn Myatt ). David Myatt now runs an Islamic website and has his own message board. David Copeland was one of only a handful of members in David Myatt’s diminutive neo-nazi group. David Copeland went on to murder and maim scores of people in a series of horrific nailbomb attacks. A pregnant mother and her baby were both killed in the Admiral Duncan bombing. Like David Myatt, David Copeland is reputed to have undergone a conversion to the Muslim faith, whilst in prison. David Myatt’s close friend, Charlie Sergeant is in prison for murder.

At roughly the same time that neo nazi, David Myatt, became a Muslim, someone who calls himself Anton Long, set up a series of fake internet message boards, with the express intention of stealing data from other forum member’s computers. David Myatt has always denied that Anton Long is one of his pseudonyms. As you will read later, David Myatt is a name which is rigorously censored in threads on forums such as BN Village. The sites look very convincing – that is after all the hallmark of a good con – but behind the attractive graphics, many of the posts are written by just one nazi computer hacker. I have been studying these internet message boards for several years now. When I first heard about Anton Long’s message board scam I was skeptical, but the more I read about this intensely devious man, the  more I came to believe that such a scheme was possible, ( Julie Wright, David Myatt’s official biographer, also writes about Anton Long on her website, if you are interested in learning more. ) I am now in touch with several of Anton Long’s other victims – this is their story as much as his. Anton Long’s message boards cover various political issues and it is often difficult to understand why such a diverse range of people are being targeted. Anyone who has a passing knowledge of Anton Long’s political ‘perspectives’ (see websites which also discuss David Myatt, for a more detailed analysis of Long’s ideology) will be able to understand his motivation for running at least some of these boards. Anton Long has been a nazi for many years and during that time, has been in overall control of various fascist organizations. He has frequently used nazi youths to carry out meticulously planned racist attacks, often on women. So it is quite easy to see why a racist like Anton Long has opened a series of fake Afro-Caribbean message boards such as BN Village  (www.bnvillage.co.uk)  and Black British Forums  ( http://www.blackpresence.co.uk ).  In other cases, such as Long’s hi-jack of the BBC Ouch! message board for disabled people, his peculiar ‘reasoning’, is less clear. Perhaps these attacks on disabled people are only explicable in terms of Anton Long’s self avowed devotion to Satanism. The BNP is a clearly linked with the organized racial violence emanating from BBC Ouch! and Anton Long is in turn clearly linked with the BNP, because it was he who organized attacks on this defenseless disabled woman. Why the BNP would want to get involved with a Satanist like Anton Long remains unclear. However, the disabled cancer victim clearly states: 1) that she is being harassed on the BBC Ouch! message board. 2) that another forum member is describing her house in one of his messages 3) that she has had ‘BNP’ written on a doctored e-mail. 4) that her disibility charity’s publicity material has had racist insults scrawled on, as part of a concerted campaign of racial harassment. The crucial connection between Anton Long, BBC Ouch! and the BNP is the fact that Anton Long stalked this vulnerable woman from the original message board that she posted on – BLINK Forums – to the BBC Ouch! website. The woman says in some of her postings that she has been followed from BLINK, where Anton Long was a known hacker. She also states that her tormentor has posted some ‘horrible pictures’ designed to terrorize her, on another message board. A number of other victims saw those pictures before BLINK was closed – they were posted by Anton Long.

Read more about this in the section called ‘BBC Ouch! – The BNP Link’.

The link between fascism and Satanism – the ‘ Occult Fascist Axis ‘ – is strange to say the least. Some of the websites which deal with David Myatt’s nazi past and Anton Long’s Satanist present, examine this in more detail. As I have previously touched upon above, David Myatt’s name is rigourously censored on the BN Village message board. The response from BN Village is likely to be that they are concerned about defaming David Myatt. There are two arguments against this. Firstly, there are many much more hostile messages on BN Village which mention real people – Trevor Phillips for example – and they are not removed. Secondly, David Myatt is to some extent ‘public property’ and no longer enjoys the privacy that an ordinary citizen might have a right to expect. If you are a high profile nazi, who writes prolifically on the subject and gives interviews to journalists. If you are featured in a BBC Panorama programme about David Copeland’s nail bomb atrocities. And if you then announce that you are now suddenly a ‘radical’ Muslim and go on to write prolifically about that as well, surely you cannot complain if this arouses curiosity.

Read more about the B.N. Village cover up in the ‘B.N. Village’ section.

Whatever BN Village says about David Myatt’s reputation, the fact is that one of these contentious posts also mentioned that a neo-nazi was stealing IDs from other message board members. When it was posted on another of Anton Long’s fake boards, no mention was made of David Myatt, yet it was still deleted. The now widely discredited Black British Forums ( blackpresence ) actualy wiped the whole forum (three times) to prevent anyone seeing it. What are they trying to hide?

Read the full story in the ‘Black British Forums’ section.

One of Anton Long’s most destructive aliases is BICRE. The intention behind this particular piece of deception was to facilitate one of Anton Long’s frequently stated objectives – to ignite a race war. Anton Long posed as a ‘radical’ black revolutionary, posting inflammatory messages on forums all over the internet. The idea was to portray black people as inherently violent and racist and to turn white opinion against the black community. The ‘BICRE’ posts are important because they offer clear evidence of a connection between computer hacking, I.D. theft and Anton Long’s insane racism. The ‘Virtual Jerusalem’ postings are an example of this. I don’t think anyone can blame the members of V.J. forum for falling for this con’ because Anton Long is such a consummate liar. However, the facts are there for all to see. They were convinced that BICRE was a racially intolerant black activist AND they had their computers hacked by BICRE (Anton Long) at the same time. BICRE also pulled off the same deception on many other message boards. A Scottish forum, one for students and another specializing in politics. If you look at screenshot ‘J’ in the ‘Black Information Link’ section, it shows that BICRE and Anton Long appear together. They both made exactly the same provocative postings because they are one and the same person. Needless to say, every member had there computer hacked at Blink, in just the same way as on ‘Virtual Jeruselem’ and many other forums as well. The Blink forum is important because this is where Anton Long began his campaign of hatred and persecution directed against an innocent disabled woman. These vile, cowardly attacks continued when Anton Long stalked the woman to the BBC Ouch! message board, where the BNP also became involved.

See the Black Information Link Page for a full account.

And then there are the ugly threats made against people who dare to warn others about data theft and harassment. If the victims are all mistaken about what is going on, why are they being intimidated? Why the strange mixture of Satanism and nazism in the wording? More specifically, why do these threats all emanate from ‘individuals’ on a website devoted to David Myatt and Anton Long?

See the ‘Raffy & Pointyhat – Stalking & Threats’ section for more on this.