“The victims fell by assassination, or were victims of ‘accidents’…………..
they deserved to perish, their death aiding the sinister dialectic.”

(Quotes taken from article by Anton Long, who subsequently organized a series of attacks on a disabled, female cancer victim).

“Spastics – We Own You”

(Message left by computer hacker Anton Long on a disability website, after he destroyed it).


Another disabled victim has provided me with new evidence concerning a series of cowardly attacks on a disabled woman. The heartless thug responsible for orchestrating these outrages is long-term weirdo, Anton Long (read about him on websites which also discuss David Myatt).

Anton Long had a strong presence on the old ‘Blink’ message board (see the ‘Black Information Link’ page) and the board was shut down as soon as the owners discovered Anton Long’s reputation for violence and thuggery.

The new material is a posting originating from the ‘Blink’  message board, written by Anton Long. This is linked to a second message from a disabled female cancer victim, which is taken from the BBC Ouch! archives. These postings are significant because they reveal that

1) Anton Long warned a defenseless disabled woman to be careful about crossing the road. The next day a van tried to run her down. She complained about this on the BBC Ouch! message board and this evidence is still in the BBC Ouch! archives.
2) Anton Long  threatened the woman and when she sought refuge on the BBC Ouch! disability forum, he stalked her to this board as well.
3) The fact that Anton Long stalked the disabled woman to the BBC Ouch! message board, supports the claim that he has a presence there and still uses the board for ID theft.

A Little Accident

“You ought to cross the road carefully. You might be the victim of a little ‘accident’. “

(Quote from one of Anton Long’s messages, the day before a disabled woman was nearly run down by a van).

In screenshot W, dated Sunday February 19th 2006, Anton Long warns the woman
to be careful crossing the road.


Screeshot W.


Screenshot X dated Monday February 20th 2006, is taken from the archives of the BBC Ouch! message board. One day after Anton Long’s thinly veiled threat seen in screenshot W, the disabled female victim says that a van has ‘deliberately veered towards’ her.



Screenshot X

A second reference to an arranged accident comes from the David Myatt website. It can be seen in screenshot V in the ‘Raffy and Pointyhat – Stalking and Threats’ page of this blog. An extract from this text says

‘The alleged hacker would arrange, using his criminal contacts, for the stalker to have “an accident”. ‘

Yet another reference to Anton Long’s obsession with arranged accidents is found in the following snippet from the ‘writings’ of Anton Long.

“The victims fell by assassination, or were victims of ‘accidents’ – all achieved by my “underground” political work, and what followed thereafter. I simply – before the act of execution – dedicated their death to my sinister cause……….
Being enemies, they deserved to perish, their death aiding the sinister dialectic. Such was the “approved” Satanic manner. Thus did the victims choose themselves.” [1]

So one can only assume that in the warped mind of Anton Long, being disabled, female and having cancer, means that you are an enemy who deserves to perish.

Or might it just be that Anton Long is a craven coward who attacks disabled women?

Anton Long – A Dangerous Man

“I had my front window kicked in……we were threatened with violence a couple of weeks ago by three bully boys…….
our Disability issues forum was attacked by hackers”

(Quotes from a disabled woman under attack by Anton Long)

There is absolutely no doubt that Anton Long’s female victim was having severe problems with an orchestrated campaign of violence and intimidation directed against her. Screenshot Y is taken from the old ‘Blink’ forum, where Anton Long hacked the computers of many other victims.



Screenshot Y

The woman complains of having her front windows kicked in, her car trashed and most significantly, her disability charities’ website attacked by a hacker. All of this is confirmed in the archives of BBC Ouch!

“Message 1 –  Jan 2, 2006 Just to let those who are interested – our Disability issues forum was attacked by hackers [on the 30th of December] – they totally wiped out the Forum and left this message ‘ Spastics – We Own You’ O Team!”

“Message 43 –  Jan 4, 2006  ………… conspiracy theory or not or just a total co-incidence I had my front window kicked in on the 30 of December, too.”

“Message 13 –  Feb 23, 2006 ……. we were threatened with violence a couple of weeks ago by three bully boys”

The BBC Ouch! archives also confirm, that Anton Long’s presence on their message forum produced exactly the same rash of computer hacking which forced the closure of ‘Blink’.

“Message 101 –  Feb 17, 2006 Shortly after posting message 94 my computer was attacked.”

“Message 142 –  Feb 19, 2006 Well well. Just when I was enjoying myslf my pc was attacked again. Trojan Horse.”

“Message 23 –  Mar 22, 2006 my laptop at home has been stopping as I just get to a couple of sites – I get on the site and then it closes down, I get on again and then it closes down.”

“Message 132 – Jan 26, 2006 I think my computer has been playing up since complained privately to the Beeb on another matter.”

The questions remain.

The BBC Ouch! message board was definitely being used for ID theft back in 2006. Is there any logical reason why this isn’t still the case?

Will the BBC ever have a formal inquiry into why so much violence and computer hacking is connected with The BBC Ouch! forum?

Just because the hacking and intimidation on BBC Ouch! is now mostly covert, does that make it any safer for vulnerable people to use BBC Message boards?

Anton Long – A Sinister Obsession

There is no doubt that Anton Long is unnaturally obsessed with disabled women. In screenshot A1 he asks a disabled female

“The scar from your operation, where is it?”

Then Anton Long issues this chilling warning

“You should be careful – a woman alone with a debilitating illness.
You might be attacked in your own home by sinister forces.
Acolytes who know all about you are everywhere, they believe everything they are told.”




Screenshot A1

Screenshot B1 continues Anton Long’s sinister theme.

“Why do you persist in pontificating about YOUR ‘spastics’.
They are worthless and should be drowned at birth.
You can try to hide from us at BBC Ouch! but the Dark Ones will
always know where you are. We are everywhere.

You will always be looking over your shoulder.”




Screenshot B1

Unfortunately, ‘spastic’ is still widely used as a term of abuse for all disabled people. Anton Long seems particularly keen on the expression. He used it in screenshot W, then again when he hacked the disability website and left the message ‘spastics we own you’. Now here again he is saying that spastics ‘should be drowned at birth’.

It is difficult to understand why anyone would say these wantonly cruel things about disabled people.
One can only imagine that some terrible misfortune must have blighted Anton Long’s life at some stage and that this has ignited an unreasoning rage against innocent people in his corrupt heart.



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