We have examined Anton Long’s nazi agenda as a motivation for concentrating on message forums which deal with ethnic topics (see the non – Islamic websites which also discuss David Myatt, for more information on Anton Long).  However, one of his other target groups is not easily explicable in the context of his racist beliefs. For several years, Anton Long has been involved in a series of attacks on disabled people. He has many fake identities on the BBC Ouch! message board, and is stealing data from vulnerable people who use BBC OUCH ! In some cases he uses stolen addresses to actually organize intimidation and harassment of these, often defenseless individuals. It is difficult to understand why anyone would want to do this. The answer lies at the heart of the force which drives Anton Long.  Anton Long is a Satanist. Examining each one of his other insane projects, brings us back to this one fundamental fact about the man. Satanism is always the primary motivation in everything Anton Long does. More information about this aspect of Anton Long’s psyche can be found on the website of David Myatt’s official biographer, Julie Wright. Julie Wright is alledged to be an ‘Oxford Academic’ – although no formally recognized pedagogic work by her can be found – and has been writing about David Myatt and Anton Long for many years.

BBC OUCH! – Anton Long & The BNP Torture a Female Cancer Victim

Other people have noticed that BBC message boards are a poorly run haven for nazis and criminals. Melanie Philips wrote an article some time ago about nazi activity on these forums. [5] She focussed in particular on the blatant bias of the ‘Central Communities Team’ – the people who are supposed to safeguard  the security of members who use the boards. The situation on BBC Ouch! Is actually worse than elsewhere on the BBC message board system and a number of disabled people have been prompted to write articles [6], [7] and [8]. They complain of bullying, intimidation, computer hacking, arbitrary censorship and unjust banning, if they dare to write about what is happening. The similarities with other forums exploited by Anton Long, are very stark indeed. The disabled victims who wrote these articles, make a better job of explaining the appalling situation at BBC Ouch! than I ever could. I have therefore, reproduced an article by Emma, which was first published on ‘Indymedia’ in 2008 [9]. Where appropriate I have provided screenshots taken from the BBC Ouch! archives, as supporting evidence.

Emma’s Story

“More evidence of a widespread campaign of ID theft on the BBC Message Board System. A cancer sufferer is publicly bullied by racists on its disability message boards, whilst simultaneously being harassed by the British National Party at home and at work. Her messages show a definite link between a BBC message board hacker and attacks carried out by the BNP. The BBC’s attempts to cover up the significant Nazi presence on its message boards has been an issue for some time now. See The most important point raised in the Melanie Phillips article is the apparent complicity of some BBC employees in this deception. The experiences of victims of ID theft on BBC message boards, indicate that this would almost certainly be a person, or persons employed on the BBC ‘Central Communities Team’. Just over a year ago a disabled lady posted the following message on the BBC disability message board ‘Ouch!’: “Message 1 –   Jun 15, 2007 About 18 months ago I had my home address stolen by a computer hacker. He knows I am disabled and is using my vulnerability to harass me at my home address. Police not interested in vandalism, graffiti, trespassing etc. Please help.” Shortly after this she was banned permanently from the board without any warning or explanation from the ‘Central Communities Team’. Quite harsh for a ‘first offence’, especially as bullying and harassment is routinely tolerated on BBC message boards and  troublesome posters are seldom banned. Subsequent events however, provided the first piece of technical evidence that BBC message boards are being used for computer hacking. The BBC  had already refused in writing to investigate the possibility that a hacker with a multitude of fake identities was using its boards for ID theft. They claimed it was impossible to investigate these allegations because the Data Protection Act prevents them from gathering IP addresses. This claim was then investigated by the woman who had been banned. The disabled  lady had her computer’s hard disc completely re-formatted, loaded with fresh software and re-registered on ‘Ouch’ with a new user name and e-mail address. She managed to make this post: “ Message 35, Jun 30, 2007 True equality at last!” which received the following friendly welcome: “Message 36 – , Jun 30, 2007 Yup certainly is LOL. smiley Welcome to the board btw.” She was banned immediately after this, again without any warning or explanation by the ‘Central Communities Team’. The ‘evil’ Message 35 above has even been expunged from the  BBC messageboard archives and today looks like this: “ Message 35, Jun 30, 2007 This posting has been hidden during moderation because it broke the House Rules in some way.” ‘Broke the House Rules’?! I wonder how ‘true equality at last!’ breached their sacred code. However, this disgraceful treatment did reveal one thing. Despite claims by the BBC that they don’t record personal data, SOMEONE on its message boards is stealing IP addresses. The disabled lady’s IP address was the only way the ‘Central Communities Team’ could identify  her as the whistleblower – everything else had been changed. One year on and BBC Ouch! and Cane and Able message boards are still the hacker’s personal fiefdom. The only difference now is that BBC! Ouch are getting their retaliation in first. Any reference to computer hacking and the subsequent harassment of disabled people in their homes, is given the blanket definition ‘Conspiracy Theory’ [screenshot P].

screenshot-pScreenshot P. ‘Conspiracy Theory’

It is difficult to see how the staff at BBC Ouch and Cane and Able, can be so sure that disabled victims of this type of crime are all liars or fantasists. Who are they to say what is, or is not, going on in other people’s lives? Even more bizarrely, BBC Ouch! and Cane and Able have forbidden victims to even discuss what is happening to them. In the new Ouch! ‘guidelines’ someone called ‘ The Wizard of Ouch! ‘ is filled with pious concern that disabled people could be harmed in some way and the message board might fall into ruins, at the mere mention of ID theft. However, this piety only manifests itself as a very specific form of censorship. Censorship which prevents disabled people from discussing how they are being abused by a computer hacker. At all other times it is a case of “anything goes”.

Two years ago a female cancer victim was being publicly bullied to death on the ‘ Ouch! and Cane and Able ‘ boards, whilst simultaneously being harassed by the British National Party in her own home. The ‘Wiz’ didn’t see anything disruptive or upsetting in all this. Yet it was obvious that some really nasty form of racial harassment was connected directly to the ‘Ouch!’ message board. ‘The Wizard of Ouch!’ must have been too busy banning genuine disabled people from the board, to notice this message posted by the BNP: [screenshot Q]. screenshot-q

Screenshot Q ‘Stress Management’ Threat

“Message 1 –  Mar 17, 2006 STRESS MANAGEMENT No one but you knows your secret place. You are in total seclusion from the hectic place called work. The water is crystal clear……………………… You can easily make out the face of the person you’re holding underwater.” The female victim states clearly that someone on the ‘Ouch / Cane and Able’ boards has her home address and that this sinister ‘STRESS MANAGEMENT’ posting is designed to intimidate her [screenshot R].

screenshot-rScreenshot R. Female Cancer Sufferer Complains Of BNP Attacks But Is Ignored By Moderator

“Message 3 –  Mar 17, 2006 Alert to hosts – this poster has described my house! please read the content of post. On another forum these posters have put a series of horrible pictures! . Whilst you may not take this seriously I would advise you to check it out” The other forum the woman mentions in her posting, was one run by ‘ Black Information Link ‘. This particular message board was hi-jacked and destroyed by the ‘ Ouch / Cane and Able’ hacker. Using a mass of fake identities he bullied all the genuine black people off the board. Anyone who put up resistance had their computer hacked, their address stolen and the bully boys from the British National Party turned up on the doorstep. The woman – already weakened by cancer – confirms the BNP link in this post: Message 3 –  Mar 19, 2006 ……….. in my hovel and broken down home with the BNP on the threshold, cowards that they are – they just like picking on women! The woman then describes exactly how her private house has become a ‘broken down home with the BNP on the threshold’: “Message 43 –  Jan 4, 2006 ………… conspiracy theory or not or just a total co-incidence I had my front window kicked in on the 30 of December, too.” She refers again to the BNP’s campaign of internet harassment: “ Message 27  Jan 3, 2006 Our organisation has been targeted before – we had an e mail doctored and signed BNP and leaflets scrawled on…………………..” “Message 18 –  Mar 8, 2006 I have spent 2 days of my well earned leave trying to understand why we have received some fairly ‘racist’ and explicit mail – That was not a game and was fairly unpleasant!” Then another report of intimidation carried out by the BNP – three of them against one disabled woman. Brave men indeed! “Message 13 –  Feb 23, 2006 ……. we were threatened with violence a couple of weeks ago by three bully boys pretending they wanted to rent an office in this centre They parked in the accessible parking bay where our staff and service users need to park – those with mobility impairments and blue badges! I asked them to move and 2 of them, with the cheek that they were actually coming in the building, told me to f…” The sheer weight of evidence means it ought to be obvious to even the densest BBC administrator, that the message boards are comprehensively hacked and are being used as a tool for real world racist harassment. The following messages give a general overview of the chaotic shambles, which the ‘Central Communities Team’ are trying to cover up. “Message 101 –  Feb 17, 2006 Shortly after posting message 94 my computer was attacked.” “Message 142 –  Feb 19, 2006 Well well. Just when I was enjoying myslf my pc was attacked again. Trojan Horse.” “Message 1 –  Jan 2, 2006 Just to let those who are interested – our Disability issues forum was attacked by hackers [on the 30th of December] – they totally wiped out the Forum and left this message ‘ Spastics – We Own You’ O Team!” “Message 43 –  Jan 4, 2006 ………… conspiracy theory or not or just a total co-incidence I had my front windows kicked in on the 30 of December, too.” “Message 47 –  Jan 4, 2006 Agreed – and it does sound more than a coincidence that your window was broken. “Message 53 –   Jan 4, 2006 Knowing the area, I suppose there’s every chance it was the young Nazis again.” “Message 58 –  Jan 5, 2006 Hmmm… the more I read this, the more it sounds like a case of harassment to.” “Message 121 –  Feb 18, 2006 After posting message 114 my internet connection was terminated.” “Message 23 –  Mar 22, 2006 my laptop at home has been stopping as I just get to a couple of sites – I get on the site and then it closes down, I get on again and then it closes down.” “Message 132 – Jan 26, 2006 I think my computer has been playing up since complained privately to the Beeb on another matter.” Towards the end, the woman became more ill and distressed. It is possible she has since passed away – harassed to death by a computer hacker and the BNP. Message 2 –  Mar 19, 2006 “I don’t understand your post, but over the past few weeks some of your messages have been troubled, and troubling, ……….Has someone been harassing you in some way, or is it something from your past coming back to trouble you?……” “Message 3 –  Mar 19, 2006 No not from the past  the present.” This was one of her last messages. Shortly after that the woman disappeared. The BBC’s senior management are completely detached from the day to day running of the Corporation. They enjoy the financial advantages of employing outside companies to moderate their message boards, but when innocent people are harmed, the victims are just ignored. We are not even allowed to tell other people what has happened to us, because the BBC cannot face the truth about the endemic criminality present on its message board system. Nobody should have to witness the public torture of a woman suffering from cancer, on a BBC disability message board. The Central Communities Team have stated repeatedly that they are very experienced in rooting out computer hackers on BBC message boards. This argument is used to silence all victims of crime on BBC message boards. It can be formalised thus: A) we are infallible therefore > B) anyone who says they have been a victim of ID theft and real world harassment     originating from BBC message boards, must be a liar and a trouble maker. I wonder if the BBC Board of Governors approves of this as a core philosophy, for running one of Britain’s largest publicly funded bodies? If you are concerned about the way the BBC is being run, I would be very grateful if you would paste the link to my article (copied from your browser’s address bar above) on as many internet sites as you can. [2] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

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