Black British Forums ( blackpresence ) is another phony message board run by neo-Nazi Anton Long for the purposes of data theft. If you look at the non Islamic websites which also discuss David Myatt, you can read more about Anton Long. Julie Wright ( the official biographer of David Myatt, has very informative sections on both David Myatt and Anton Long on her website).

Several people in mixed race relationships had been abused on this board and then suffered organized harassment ( Gangstalking ) in the area of their home. One victim, ( who later registered as ‘Dandys’ on Black British Forums [ blackpresence ] ) was having his computer repeatedly hacked after a visit to the BN Village message board and was looking for more information from other victims of these attacks. BN Village links to Black British Forums ( blackpresence ), so he had a look at the site. When ‘Dandys’ arrived at Black British Forums
( blackpresence ), he discovered pages of abuse directed at the Afro – Caribbean community. The abuse was ostensibly written by other black people, but as we now know, almost all the other members were fakes, concocted by a single neo nazi called Anton Long.

A few hours after Dandy’s first visit to Black British Forums ( blackpresence ), all the graphic images were removed. Hackers sometimes conceal malicious code in photographs – a process known as steganography – so this might have been the reason. Black British Forums, (in just the same way as BN Village), also use message board graphics to steal IP addresses. The hacker posts images on the forum, then notes the times when people make posts. He then matches up the data with the weblog files on his own server, where the pictures are hosted.  A few days after that, almost all of the threads and posts were deleted from the forum. ‘Dandys’ registered on Black British Forums (blackpresence ) and suggested that people should be careful about computer security, particularly when visiting internet forums. He did not accuse Black British Forums ( blackpresence ) of anything and neither David Myatt nor Anton Long’s name was mentioned. Even so the advice was not well received. After a distinctly hostile reception from the ‘moderator’ (neo-nazi Anton Long), the thread was locked. To make absolutely sure that nobody would discover the contents of Dandy’s message, the whole message board was shut down again and everything was deleted once more.

Black British Forums ( blackpresence ) had been rumbling along since 2002 with the same set of abusive postings, yet in the space of a few days they’d deleted the lot – twice. Was this because one of Anton Long’s previous victims had turned up on the scene? And was it also because Dandys had told the truth about the real purpose of the Black British Forums ( blackpresence ) message board? A place where Afro-Caribbean people are lured, specifically to have their home addresses stolen, to assist Anton long in organizing Gangstalking, racial violence and harassment. If this is not the case, then the panic stricken sequence of frantic board re-vamps and thread locking, seems curious to say the least.

But it wasn’t to end there. If any more confirmation was needed that Black British Forums ( blackpresence ) was a front for neo – nazi Anton Long’s data theft operation, it was soon to follow.   The new (wiped) version of Black British Forums ( blackpresence ) was duly launched and Dandys  posted a similar warning as before. This time the ‘moderator’ (Anton Long) attempted to rubbish the idea that data theft actually exists, at one point suggesting that backing up your data is a remedy for ID theft. The whole point of Dandys post was that personal data is being stolen to facilitate racial attacks and Gangstalking , yet this was portrayed as irrelevant by Black British Forums. The lack of sympathy for victims of racial harassment and Gangstalking is made very clear by this quote from one of Anton Long’s fake identities on the Black British Forums ( blackpresence ) :

“ If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there…”

It is always the victim’s fault… that’s alright then. This doesn’t really sound like someone who is concerned about organized violence – more like a person who enjoys it.

Whatever the rights and wrongs, the fact remains that the offending thread from Dandys was locked off yet again [screenshot H].

screenshot-hScreenshot H. ‘Nazi Hacker Hacker Alert’ Locked

In a tedious, but entirely predictable repetition of previous events, the board was wiped for a THIRD (!) time and Dandy’s warning was hidden from public view once again. The ‘moderator’ said that some of the threads from old versions of the board are available in the visibly accessible archives, but needless to say, Dandy’s post is not one of them. To find the key information which warns victims about what is really going on at Black British Forums ( blackpresence ), you now need to carry out a search based on either author or title [screenshot I].

screenshot-iScreenshot I. Warning Invisible In Archives

Other potential victims will not have this information, so in effect the ‘Nazi Hacker Alert’ message has been censored.

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