Anton Long (see this website [2] which also discusses David Myatt for more information on Anton Long), also practices another form of message board data theft, which operates in parallel to his own fake websites. He carries out attacks on genuine message boards to prevent them providing a service to various communities on the Anton Long ‘hit list’. These include Afro-Caribbean, forums like  ‘ The Voice ‘ and the now defunct, ‘ Black Information Link ‘ (‘BLINK’), as well as ‘ BBC Ouch! ‘ which caters for the disabled community. His technique is to register under a series of multiple identities and then, over a period of months, bully and intimidate all the genuine members off the forum.

Identity theft and the hacking of the other members’ computers are central to this strategy. Anyone who is reluctant to go and stands up to Anton Long on the forum, quickly finds that their computer files are being trashed. Most people keep documents containing their home address on their hard disk and this information is stolen by Anton Long as soon as he joins the board. More seriously, they also find that they are suddenly being subjected to a concerted campaign of  harassment (Gangstalking), organized with thugs from their own neighborhood (see  ‘BBC Ouch!’ text and screenshots, which show how Anton Long tortured a female cancer victim using gangstalking techniques).  If you Google gangstalking, you will find many sites which deal with this phenomenon. Some are genuine, some not, so read with care.

Black Information Link (BLINK)

The ‘ Black Information Link ‘ screenshot [screenshot J], is of the last days of the forum.


Screenshot J. BLINK – The Last Days – Showing Many Anton Long Threads

As you will see, Anton Long has posted most of the threads and (with one exception) all the other names are him as well. The only genuine member left is ‘Black Knight’ and his thread is called ‘This Forum is in Ruins’ [screenshot K].

screenshot-kScreenshot K. The Only Genuine Thread – ‘This Forum is in Ruins’.

Shortly after this, Anton Long swamped the message board with spam and it was closed. The fact that ‘Anton Long’ was used as a screen name in the destruction of BLINK, means one of two things; either Anton Long is extraordinarily arrogant, or it is a pseudonym for somebody else.

Screenshot ‘J’ also shows at least four threads started by BICRE, an acronym for a completely fictitious organization (The British Inspectorate Commission for Racial Equality) devised by the profoundly unhinged, Mr. Anton Long. BICRE is one of Anton Long’s more colourful creations and as you will see, a very busy computer hacker on other message boards. In this instance [screenshot L],  a  forum member, ‘wave_rover’ at ‘virtualjerusalem’ [3], is complaining that BICRE has lured them to one of his fake websites and infected the victim’s computer with a virus.

screenshot-lScreenshot L. People Complain About BICRE Hacking On Other Message Boards

Then another member ‘Libba’, says that she did not know what was happening (to her computer) until she saw the other messages about BICRE’s computer hacking. She goes on to say:

‘please let me know how to clean the computer……My husband says he is now at a loss.’

Like most people, the Administrator has been conned by BICRE (Anton Long), for long enough to have his member’s computers hacked. He finally finds out and BICRE is banned at last [screenshot M].

screenshot-mScreenshot M. BICRE Is Banned By Admin’

The ‘Democracy Forum’ [4], [screenshot N],  is yet another of Anton Long’s conquests.screenshot-n

Screenshot N. BICRE Stirs Up Trouble On Yet Another Message Board

The most significant thing about these posts is that in both cases, the pasty faced neo-nazi Satanist, Anton Long, has managed to convince these people that he is a black man.  ‘Croyboy’ says that BICRE’s avatar is an ‘eye rolling gollywog’. If BICRE really is the radical black activist that he claims to be, is it really likely that he would represent himself with a ‘gollywog’? It is just a bit too post modern and ironic to be credible. Anton Long, (whose views are discussed on many websites where ex-nazi David Myatt is also featured), has often expressed his desire to ignite a race war. BICRE (Anton Long) has certainly succeeded in alienating many white people on these two message boards.

‘The Voice’ is another genuine message board which was attacked from the outside by Anton Long. He used his BICRE persona [screenshot O] – and many other phony I.D.s – to stir up racial hatred, whilst simultaneously hacking other member’s computers.

screenshot-oScreenshot O. BICRE On The Voice Message Board

The ‘Voice’ message board was wrecked by Anton Long and just like BLINK, ended up with no genuine members at all. When I looked at ‘The Voice’ forum about 18 months ago, nobody was using it and most of the pages were old spam from Anton Long. It was closed shortly afterwards. It was opened again recently, but Anton Long is all over it again using some of the same avatars that he uses on his notoriously corrupt ‘BN Village’ message board. You will notice that genuine forums with proper postal addresses like BLINK and The Voice all seem to be attacked and closed down. Whereas ones where there is no way of establishing who runs them – BN Village and Black British Forums, have no trouble at all.




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