BN Village and Black British Forums ( blackpresence ), are designed to attract Afro – Caribbean people for the purposes of data theft, in order to facilitate racial violence harassment and gangstalking. Many ‘traditional’ nazis have turned to the internet to steal data on potential victims. ‘Redwatch’ have been doing something similar for years. It is easy to see why. A skilled hacker from Redwatch is far less likely to get caught stealing the home address of a potential target from letters on someone’s computer hard disc, than an unskilled nazi who stalks a victim to their place of residence. The sheer range of data on most people’s computers – addresses, phone numbers, children’s photographs, employer’s addresses etc. – makes the prospect of long term harassment a much easier proposition.

BN Village and Black British Forums ( blackpresence ) are also used to stir up trouble for black people. Constructive expression of dissent is censored, whilst the nazi who runs the forum (Anton Long) uses his fake IDs to write inflammatory texts which seek to misrepresent the Afro-Caribbean community as serious political threat to the rest of the population.


BN Village has gained such a bad reputation for ID theft that some of its previous victims have come back to the board, to warn other members about what is going on. The first example is a posting from ‘Corine’. It is a fairly innocuous piece of security advice – keep all of your private documents on a separate, non internet computer and use another computer for surfing. It doesn’t accuse BN Village of anything and only mentions David Myatt in passing because – as this article [1] from The Sunday Mercury demonstates – things are not always as they seem on internet message boards. The Mercury article began with this quote from Gerry Gable of Searchlight magazine:

“Myatt is an ethereal character who has used numerous aliases to post messages on extremist websites.”

The article went on to say:

“Myatt uses various online identities”
“One Muslim internet user told the Sunday Mercury that Myatt………..had convinced other users he was an Islamic scholar with his eloquent arguments backed with Koranic verses.”

He said: “After September 11 Abdul Aziz’s messages started to become more extreme.

“But because he wrote with authority, many less-knowledgeable Muslims thought he was a holy man and began supporting his fundamentalist views.

“When his true identity was revealed by other users on the site, he changed his online name to Abdul bin Aziz and then al Haqq.”

“He was a very popular and controversial figure until he was unmasked late last year, after which people became much more wary about what he was writing and his messages dried up.”

The first time ‘Corine’ tried to post her security advice thread, BN Village deleted it after a few minutes, emailing her to say it was too long. Rather odd as there are plenty of longer messages on the BN Village site. The next one was slightly shorter and appeared in the archives as screenshot [A]. The title of the thread is ‘ David Myatt and a Nazi Hacker ‘ (incidentally, the first reply to Corine’s post was from the very aptly named ‘Prince Hakeem‘, just another of Satanist nazi Anton Long’s, many fake identities).

screenshot-a1Screenshot A. David Myatt’s Name Included In Thread Title

A few hours later BN Village (Anton Long) had removed  David Myatt’s name from the title of the thread (if you look carefully, the title is now slightly misaligned with Corine’s name below it) [screenshot B].

screenshot-b1Screenshot B David Myatt’s Name Removed

In a short space of time the post had already been viewed 522 times and BN Village (aka the nazi Anton Long) was desperate to get it off the front page. Without any reason given from the moderator, the thread was locked [screenshot C].

screenshot-c1Screenshot C. ‘Nazi Hacker’ Thread Now Locked

A flurry of new fake threads – all manufactured by Anton Long – ensued and once it had been bumped off the main page, it was quietly deleted from the BN Village archives. The red chevrons in [screenshot D] show where it used to be in the archive.

screenshot-d1Screenshot D. Thread Completely Removed From Archive

One possible explanation is that the two threads above and below Corine’s thread have had more replies and have simply left ‘A Nazi Hacker’ behind somewhere in the archives. There are two arguments against this. Firstly, it is very unlikely that the threads by ‘RESS’ and ‘Uwagboe Ogieva’ would remain together in the heirachy if they were both still ‘live’ topics. Secondly, after many months when this  page was safely buried away where nobody was likely to find it, BN Village put Corine’s thread back again and unlocked it – presumably to prevent a complaint about blatant censorship. Today it looks exactly like screenshot B again, with RESS and Uwagboe Ogieva, directly above and below it and the same number of replies.


Just under a year later somebody called ‘Anitalog’ was asking questions about David Myatt on the BN Village message board. ‘Anitalog’ wanted to know if anyone could supply information (from an independent source) about David Myatt’s conversion to the Muslim faith. The thread, ‘ David Myatt and  Islam ‘ was posted on the 17th of April 2008. By the 20th of April the thread had already been locked by BN Village (Anton Long) [screenshot E] – no explanation given as usual.

screenshot-e1Screenshot E ‘David Myatt & Islam’ Thread Locked

This tactic is a repeat of the one used on ‘Corine’s’ earlier thread, ‘ David Myatt and a Nazi Hacker ‘. The thread was locked by BN Village to get it off the front page as quickly as possible, so that people would be less likely to see it. You will notice in [screenshot E] from BN Village, that only one person was given the chance to reply to ‘Anitalog’, before the thread was locked – his name was ‘ Raffy ‘. He was very hostile to the idea of anyone asking questions about David Myatt and it should be noted that Raffy was given the last word before Anitalog had a chance to even offer a defence.

Interestingly, Raffy is a major contributor to a website which discusses David Myatt and Anton Long in great detail – especially with reference to Satanism [2].

On the 30th of April 2008, Anitalog posted another thread on BN Village called ‘ David Myatt – Censorship? ‘, asking BN Village why ‘ David Myatt and Islam ‘ had been locked. No answer was forthcoming from BN Village (Anton Long) and ‘David Myatt – Censorship?’ was locked off as well [screenshot F].

screenshot-f1Screenshot F ‘David Myatt & Censorship’, Locked As Well

Just over two months later on Wednesday the 4th of June, Anitalog was back at BN Village again, finding that her thread was still locked off and buried in the archives. Some other ex-members were experiencing problems after visiting the site and had been expressing their concerns. Anton Long must have been feeling the heat, because he unlocked the ‘ David Myatt – Censorship? ‘ thread and two days later, on the 6th, Anitalog made this post [Screenshot G].

screenshot-g1Screenshot G. 4th June Thread Still Locked – 6th June Unlocked



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