Asking for information about David Myatt or even just warning people about computer hacking, seems to bring out the worst in people. In two cases where these issues were raised, ‘Raffy’ and ‘Pointyhat’ stalked and threatened the writers. The singularly named ‘Raffy’ and ‘Pointyhat’, are both found on the website which discusses David Myatt and Anton Long in great detail [2], [screenshots S and T].


Screenshot S. Raffy’s Name On The David Myatt Website


Screenshot T. Pointyhat On The David Myatt Website

The ‘David Myatt and Islam’ post was placed on about 20 message boards worldwide – presumably because the questioner thought that this was the best way of getting a broad range of views on David Myatt. The overly verbose ‘Raffy’ stalked the author to every one of these message boards, registered and then proceeded to insult and bully the poster [screenshot U].


Screenshot U. Raffy Stalking And Bullying

I think most people would agree that Raffy is the stalker here, yet in his view asking a simple question about David Myatt is a most heinous crime.

In another series of message board posts called ‘Harassment’, the writer ‘Monitum’, is warning people about a computer hacker who is stealing information from people’s computer hard disks. The posting also warns that the hacker uses members of his neo nazi organization, to attack the victims that he has ‘harvested’ from the internet. In reply, (below) and [screenshot V], a deranged ‘Pointyhat’ issues a series of threats which involve ‘neo nazi heavies’, Satanism and an arranged ‘accident’.[3] This last type of threat is a common strategy employed by Anton Long ( discussed on many non – Islamic websites which also deal with David Myatt ).


Screenshot V. Pointyhat Joins Message Board To Threaten Another Forum Member

‘ Now, if the victim of user “Monitum”‘s stalking and harassment really was as this stalker portrayed him in the above article, the stalker should be very, very, worried, due to one or more of the following:

1) The alleged “hacker” would using his so-called hacking skills find out the identity of the stalker (and probably already has done so), and then send some of his neo-nazi heavies round to have a word or two and offer some suitable advice.

2) The alleged “hacker” would get some of his Satanist chums and chumesses to put a Satanic curse on the stalker, bringing a debilitating iillness (at the very least) to the stalker and ensuring at the very least that the stalker suffers some serious “bad luck”.

3) The alleged “hacker” would arrange, using his criminal contacts, for the stalker to have “an accident”.’

The pattern with this thread – which warns about large scale data theft to facilitate harassment – and the earlier ‘David Myatt and Islam’ postings, is exactly the same in both cases. ‘Individuals’ from the David Myatt website stalk the writer to every forum. Subsequently, ‘they’ register on each of these message boards and then proceed to threaten anyone who mentions either of the following:

David Myatt’s conversion to Islam.

Data theft and harassment perpetrated by Satanist Anton Long.

If you have a look at the whole of this thread [3], it is clear that something nasty is going on. The moderator at ‘Defending The Truth’ wasn’t particularly sympathetic to ‘Monitum’s’ warning about harassment, but even she recognized that ‘Pointyhat’ was the real stalker. As one member wryly commented, the ‘pointyhat’ that Anton Long thought was a witch’s hat, is perhaps only a dunce’s cap.

[2]    http://aboutmyatt.wordpress.com/

[3]    http://www.defendingthetruth.com/affirmative-action-race-issues/17803-harassment.html

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